Awesom, I was missing the Indian taste and really found here. Natural resources and diverse culture in India have given diversity in Indian food as well. Not all but a glimpse

Anil Kumar

Great taste. Good customer care. Nice seating arrangement. Variety of Dishes. Marvelous Buffet Lunch. Neat & Clean. Recommend to try & sure you will satisfy.

Kalpesh Vyas

Delicious food, great people, really nice place for evening dinner! People there are really nice and if you ask them they will kindly advise you what to pick to eat. Dont

Majda Juziková

Amazingly delicious food and a very friendly staff. The best Indian restaurant that I’ve been to in Hodonín. The butter chicken is very tasty and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Zulekha Ebrahim

Superb Indian food cooked by authentic Indian chefs. I am a frequent visitor to Hodonín (from England) and can not recommend this restaurant highly enough.

Des McDonald

Fresh. Authentic. Simple

Our restaurant descends from an era when celebration of life, culture, luxury, open mindedness, hospitality and happiness all put together were a must.